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I'll send a more thoughtful response at a later date.
The idea of separating the club into a Returners club and a Present members club seems to be very attractive.  Didn't this come up in the early 1980's?

It might not have been a good idea at the time but perhaps its time has come.  The club has been alive and kicking for 30 years now and perhaps if things are not as they should be with the club in college then perhaps its time for us to go our separate ways.  I really don't know what the situation is in college, but if the old hands really do feel that it is time to separate the two parts of the club then I suppose that's the way it must be.
I hate the idea of separating the two parts of the club but I suppose that if separation is the best way of keeping the club alive then that's the way it has to be.

I like the idea of us meeting in different places round the country ; as you say, it would be a great benefit to everyone. How about a meeting in Carlisle so that the Scottish contingent don't feel so left out?
I would be wary of basing the club in London. Although this would be convenient for me, the metropolitan bias would be a bit too much.  I would recommend a ''movable feast ' whereby we had our meetings at different hotels around the country every year. I also think it might be worth taking into consideration the wives/ partners/ concubines/ Significant others of our members. Are the club meetings always to be members only or open house? At least, should we be alowed to bring along our partners. I don't suggest that they come along with us, only that some provision be made for them. 

Anyway, I ve gone on long enough.  (Thank you very much for Vicki doing the typing).
Hope this constitutes a response to the rather wonderful items that you and Brendan put in the Connection.

Love Wallace 

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