Response from Bob Fonow esq.

Dear Members, 

It is always dangerous to match wits with Brendan Somers, a man of great charm and argumentative ability.  However, to characterize the addition of women to the 16 Club as political correctness, even when I stipulated explicitly that they would form a distinct group, is overstepping the point, and beckons to the past he so eloquently despises. 

All modern institutions include women. Very often  they add organizational capability and in many cases a deep concern for the heritage of the organizations to which they belong.  Many clubs have  been revitalized by the addition of women. The shambolic annual membership situation in the College Club indicates a need for a wider membership.  The increased numbers of males in the College in the last few years seems to have made no difference.

We are modern men.  I suggest we open this discussion to the College Club and to the College in general to see if, in fact, women would be interested in forming a division of the 16 Club.  Perhaps after reading correspondence from some returning members they might not.  However, if there is interest, I propose that this become a subject for discussion at the Double 16 Weekend.

yours in modernity, 

Bob Fonow 

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