Mick Manson's summary. 


This is just a short note on what other gentlemen have written recently.  

Bob Fonow has suggested that the Club in College admits ladies. This is a suggestion we could put to them, but what they decide will be up to them. I honestly cannot see them agreeing to this, especially if we say that the Returners will not be following suit.

Brendan Somers is unsure what I meant about helping fellow members. I stated that over the many years I attended reunions, we often started funds, to help fellow members and to help the College. It was always difficult to get a decent sum together, made more so by the low numbers returning. We should indeed help out where we can, but we must recognise that we are unlikely to be able to help anyone out in a significant way, or for a longer period. I would certainly never put replacing beams in the College above the needs of fellow members, and I cannot see where in my first contribution I even hinted at that.

I hope this clears up some misunderstandings.

Mick Manson

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