From our Lord High Registrar Rob Rosset esq.

16 Club Memories.

I have four distinct memories from the 1970’s. My dates may be wrong but I do not think that they are.

The summer dinner after 1973 Finals……… A group of members including Stu Tilley, Brendan Somers, Jop and myself – there were others whose names escape me – ended up in the wee small hours of the morning outside the Newbridge café. Did we think that perhaps it would open up for us ? We were too paralytic to stand and so we were slumped on the pavement trying to get our breath back. At some stage Stu arose and tried to lift up a large and very heavy ‘R. White’s Lemonade’ sign at the front of the café. I remember that it had a concrete base. All group members observed this and encouraged him on his difficult task. After prodigious efforts on Stu’s behalf, the sign eventually began to move along the pavement and I remember Stu disappearing into the night, cursing all the while.

Possibly later on in the same night we ended up at the circular flat green in front of Lloyd Thomas Hall. Quite ceremoniously, Jop and Brendan, with ‘seconds’ present took off their jackets and waistcoats and stood at opposite ends of the green to begin a wrestling match with a difference – it was a question of which one could throw the other the furthest and the hardest. I can still recall the ‘thudding’ sound that the green emitted during this contest. Neither man would give way (concede) to the other (does anything change I ask myself ?). Eventually the seconds grew tired and withdrew – I think - to imbibe some more liquid refreshment in a member’s room. The contest was still in full cry as we departed from the scene.

Post one dinner we repaired to a pub and took over a whole bar. As the evening progressed and the beer, wine and spirits flowed without pause, assembled members became somewhat untidy in their drinking habits and copious quantities of alcohol were emptied on the floor. The matter became serious when some members complained of not being able to find their feet. I have a clear recollection of Mick Manson  sliding and slipping across the floor and needing assistance to stand upright.

The 1976 summer dinner was held in “The Black Lion”. We have been blessed with good fortune regarding both food and drink over the years but this was an exceptional dinner. Trout with Almonds was the main course and among the Returners I remember that Alistair Wallace was particularly appreciative of the fare. I also recall that this was a time when “roll your own cigarettes” were in vogue and ‘Old Holborn’ was the tobacco of choice. Anyhow, cigars were in short supply. Perhaps we were still recovering from the notorious “three day week”. Now who remembers that time ?

Rob Rosset
Lord High Registrar

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