From our Lord High Registrar Rob Rosset esq.

Thoughts on the Contributions...

I have taken the opportunity to read all the contributions to the website.  My current thinking is  as follows :
  • Returning Members should go ahead after the summer double sixteen bash and work out a modus vivendi with the Club in College. We will probably end up working alongside the Club in College but not be so closely linked with it. 

  • Returning Members should take the opportunity of dining around the country. It would be a mistake to limit this to London and other locations in the south east of England.

  • Returning Members should not admit women because the true character of the club would be altered irrevocably. What we need to be is more family and partner friendly. This means more attention to planning events around the dinners.

  • Returning Members must be insistent that bureaucracy and administration should be kept down to a minimal requirement (notwithstanding my last comment about 'planning events'). It strikes me that we are getting too much like other clubs run by middle aged men, far too self important - just look who's talking now ! The essence of the club is to have good, convivial dinners with plenty to drink. For heaven's sake, let's not lose sight of that.

  • Redemption was a good idea but it has not been a practical success apart from the shining example of Barley Evans. Why not ? I guess folk don't want to stump up the money; in which case, should we be asking them ? We might, perhaps, be making false assumptions about some folks capacity to pay and their willingness to come back to college on a reasonably regular basis. I speak as somebody who is currently between jobs. To come back to college for this year's dinner would cost somebody at least a fortnight's job seeker's allowance. I can manage on my savings but not everybody can. 

Let's try and ensure that the future of the club is debated properly at this year's AGM.

Thank you. It's a privilege to communicate with you all in this way.

Rob Rosset

Rob Rosset
Lord High Registrar

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