For over thirty years the membership of the club forged a bond, however temporary, however tenuous, between us all. But those old beer stained ties mouldering away in drawers and attics represent a potential of brotherhood that has never really been capitalised upon. Briefly, what I am talking about is a separate Returner's Club that, beside offering opportunities for reunion and celebration, will be a source of practical support to all its members.

 Isolation, separation, lack of community is the curse of our age and a club should fight against these modern furies. To this end I envisage a Club in which when a member is any sort of difficulty whether emotional, physical of financial all the other members would rally around and help in any way that is possible and appropriate. For instance if a Club member is looking for work the Club will try and help him to get it, or if a member was ill the Club would support him and make sure the member's family had sufficient support.

 I am sure we can all think of other instances in which such a club would be a source of strength and optimistic reappraisal of life's difficulties In short the Club would be something that we could turn to in times of our trouble and which would serve as a means by which we could help other members in theirs. Of course the Club, as well as centring its interest on the well being of its members, could well, from time to time, extend its support both to the College and to charitable works in general - but only to matters deemed appropriate to the Club's membership. A club based on such precepts would be then even more a Club of feasting and conviviality - a fellowship born in the past but enriched and sustained by the brotherhood of the present.

 As such a club would demand a very definite attitude on the part of its members membership based on simply being a 16 Club member would not be automatic. However all ex members and only ex members would be invited to join. In this way only those really excited by the idea of such a Club would be members.

 I believe that to organise such a Club would not be difficult and if an other did not come forward I would be willing to take on that initial responsibility. So that I can ascertain how much support this idea would have please mail me your views.

Brendan Somers.