A Desultory Treatise on the Developments within the Club

 (there being but one Club).

A few points I would like to put to the Club Men.

I suggest an Option 4 for the future of the Club post the Great 32nd Dinner:

The Returning Members form a separate club.

  • This would be based on the Members in College after they have graduated. Graduands taking higher degrees, MA, PhD etc. may be members of both the Returning Members and College Club. Suggest official title of "Returning Members of the Former 16 Club of St. David's University College, Lampeter" to keep the history?? And the Pedantry??

  • The Returning Members club could be an itinerant band of Decent Fellows, something along the lines of the I Zingari Cricket Club, with no "home" or specific base. Redeemed members etc. may join etc.

  • Suggest one main Returning Members dinner per annum, at a location to be decided by the RMO. I don't feel any great need for this dinner to be in Lampeter- this location can make it difficult for many members (including myself!) to attend. Equally, if the RMO or the Club voted for a Lampeter dinner, that's fine - it's what the Club wanted at that particular time. The idea is to make it open to both new venues and new directions.

  • On the subject of new directions, I will add my support to the missive from Brendan Somers. The new Returning Members club could adopt these principles. This would move us on from being THE College dining Club to being THE Club, with (obviously) strong links back to the old College.

The Club in College is left in the hands of the Executive in College.

  • I have a feeling I would not have been all that enthusiastic about joining a Club over which the College Members did not have full control. I suggest we give the current Exec this control and responsibility and if the Club fails, so be it.

  • There would be an essential role for one of the number of the Returning Members to act as High Steward (or some similar title) to assist the Club in College in understanding the principles of the Club and the complexities of Club etiquette on request from the Club Executive.
The 32nd.

I suggest that some great event should be available for the Men who are returning for the dinner. Alas, if a large number of Returners arrive on Saturday c. lunchtime, there may be a desire to visit old haunts such as the Libr'y, Chapel, Oak, Castle etc. and so maybe loose the focus of the day…

Some many moons ago I recall we had an excellent cricket match as part of the enjoyments - perhaps it could be revived? From an estimated 40+ returners a couple of teams could be available? Not sure of the logistics, but it seems like a nice idea.

Please mail me with any comments on this - I look forward to hearing your views.

Stu Tilley.