News from Returning Members.

This page is for information for Returning Members. New information will be added as it arrives from old Clubs or the Executive.

Call for Information.

It was agreed at the AGM that email addresses of Club men would be included in this Web site.
We do not have mail addresses for many of the old (and current) Clubs - our list is here.
If you want to update your email address, or pass on the addresses of other Clubs, please fill in the Member Info.
If you would like your email address not to be included, please mail me.

  • An excellent Club Dinner was held on Friday, June 4th. 2004.

    The minutes of the Returners AGM are now available.

  • A Summer Party was organised by the Sixteens in honour of Peter Allison on the Saturday following the Club Dinner.

    From the US, Bob Fonow has sent some photos showing his excellent work in helping College recruit more American students. These pictures were taken at a College Recruiting Fair.
    Bob writes:

    "Please find attached some recent pictures of the recruitment American style. I've got 80 high schools and their college counselors in the DC area in the data base. Working with the British Council in Washington and Wales to get a tour to Lampeter scheduled for next summer (2004). Seems to be going well with lots of interest but its a long term project that will develop over the years."

    Great work from Bob - we will be expecting more new Clubs from the Old Colonies "real soon now"! Recruitment Fair photos. (Note these are quite large and may take time to download on a modem line). Photos: (1), (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)