From Bob Fonow.

An Elegant Man.

Peter Allison was my friend since our first 16 Club Dinner together in 1977. We became closer when he retired and moved to Lampeter - with the hope of participating in the affairs of the College. My career has enabled me to spend two or three weeks in Lampeter a year reading and writing in the Library, we met frequently for coffee during those times.

Peter was devoted to the College - a respect that wasn't always returned by the previous Lampeter administration. Despite shabby treatment he retained his love for the College and never became despondent when his plans were rejected, or when the Lampeter Society, for what seems to be purely ego-driven revenge, was disenfranchized from its original Charter. I'm sure Peter was delighted that the new Vice Chancellor is much more supportive of the 16 Club and the Lampeter Society.

Peter's support for the 16 Club and his belief in its value to College members never waivered. There have been many ideas about the role of the Returning Members in particular, and sometimes the exchanges, even on this website, have been testy. But Peter always remained above the fray and always worked to find the middle way. Peter was particularly helpful during the early nineties when the College Club went into decline and was reduced to two members. Without his support, including numerous sherry evenings at his home in the style of earlier days at the College, the 16 Club would have disappeared.

Peter was the epitome of the Lampeter man: dedication to his interests, slightly eccentric, adherence to a belief in the virtue of elegance in daily life, a lifelong devotion to the College and those who attended, an acceptance of both the good and the bad in all of us.

My life has been enriched by Peter, by Lampeter and by the 16 Club. They are part of the foundation of my adult life, as much as my wife and children. Together they have given me the fortitude to perservere during times when my career seemed to by collapsing, and to keep perspective in times when life exceeded my expectations.

I am a Lampeter man too thanks to Peter Allison and my other Lampeter friends. He will be with me always.