From Glenn Parkinson.

Gaudeamus an' all that,

I have learnt with great sadness of the passing of Peter Allison.
Brendan's comments on the site are hard to follow, an excellent image of what Peter meant to all of us.
I shall remember Peters dry sense of humour, his calming influence and his boundless enthusiasm for all matters pertaining to the Club, for his guidance in matters both academic and in motivating the Club in my Lampeter years and for his subtle(?) insistence that I take on the reigns as RMO in the late 80's for which experience I am most grateful.
But most of all I remember the balmy summer morning in 86, animated from the evening's frivolities following the celebration of our sixteenth year, as the sun rose above Castell Olwen, our having just buried a time capsule to celebrate the said anniversary, we both took a most satisfying piss to seal the capsule's tomb and knew then the meaning of true happiness.

Thank you, Peter