From Richard Jopling.

Peter's arrival at Lampeter, in the Autumn of 1971, reverberated through the undergraduate body. Here was this bearded and seemingly ancient (in fact he was only 38) person of note and distinction mixing with we poor undergrads. I remember his room OB 17 and the door upon which he had fixed his card Mr. Peter Allison B.A, JP.

I remember that Andy King introduced me to Peter and his first reaction, after shaking my hand, was to offer me a glass of sherry. It may surprise current members of The Club and even The Returners to know that in fact the 16 Club was already in existence at this time. However we were all agreed that here was a man for whom the Club was made.

So, a few days later when we were sitting in a Terrapin Room and thrashing out the membership for the academic year 1971/2 Peter's name was on the top of the list and it took no more than one sip of the dreaded rum bottle to get the required unanimous vote.Two bottles later the rest of the membership was agreed!

We all have stories of Peter in his Lampeter postgrad days but for me he was more than a refined, cultured and amusing associate. He was also a good and kind friend who I owe a debt of gratitude. It was Peter who found me a job when I was down on my luck and even allowed me and my wife to share his house in Oxford until such time as we could move into our own place.It was Peter who stood by The Club and sorted out the many troubles and tribulations that beset the different decades of young men, with all their idiocies. It was Peter who showed round my son, Edward, and convinced him that Lampeter was the place to go for your degree ( as he had done with countless students before and after). We are all indebted to him. He was the embodiment of the concept 'Gentleman'

It gives me great pleasure to recall that at The Double 16 we recognised that Peter may not have invented The 16 Club but without a shadow of doubt he was the one who kept it going and made it what it is. We all rose in unison to toast him and I just caught a glimpse of his reaction; he was shaking his head to defer such praise and attention, but I somehow knew that he was pleased.

Let's rejoice in the priviledge of having known this rock of a man.

Gaudeamus Semper