From Phillip Jones.

Dear All,

After reading the fine words from the gentlemen on this site, I thought I would have some involvement in sharing my views on Peter too. After joining the club in 1997, and meeting Peter and the rest of the gang for the first time the words that entered my head that evening were "Eccentricity" and "Madness" but through getting to know Peter, this eccentricity and madness quickly changed to warmth and being part of something which was special. The Ty Pedr sherry and cigars were always an enjoyable pre dinner ritual and the warm hospitality from Peter brightened up everybody's evening. Peter was the life and soul of the sixteens and the University and was a very influential person in putting the club where it is today. I fondly remember a returners meal in Aberaeron, when one of the returners decided to throw a spud aimed at the top table but narrowly missing its intended victim and landing on Peters swede instead, Peter didn't flinch and quickly carried on with his cigar whilst reciting the sixteens song, that was the character of the man.

The experience of knowing Peter has certainly benefited myself and I for one am very much looking forward to returning to celebrate Peters life in June and to give him the send off every great man deserves.

All the very best