Andy King.

Thanks to all Clubs who are still responding to Brendan Somers' request for cards. (The address is at the bottom of this page).

The latest news on Andy from Brendan (1/1/05):

Just to let you all know that I spoke to Andy King on Christmas Day. He was spending it with his wife, Julie, and his daughter, Sophie. Although he can hardly speak at all now he was in very good spirits and Julie and his carers told me that he appreciates more than words can say the cards and letters you all have sent him.

I made up a CD of French songs interposed with reminiscences of Lampeter and Julie tells me that he enjoys it immensely (he can still listen to and appreciate words and music) - maybe some of you could get something like that together and send it to him? I can assure you it would be vastly appreciated.

Medically he has amazed the doctors by refusing to deteriorate further and even improve a little. A short time ago Julie and Sophie took him out in his wheel chair and he stocked up on every available French culinary titbit and packed the ward refrigerator!

He also takes an enormous pleasure in the scholastic progress of his vivacious, bright, pretty, daughter and for Christmas brought her, with typical Úlan, a purple violin!

Thank you all so much for your caring and friendship to this extraordinary man.

Brendan Somers

Brendan's original message about Andy:

I thought you should know that Andy King one of the Club's first members, who has long battled against MS, is now in a very bad state - basically he can hardly talk and has to have 24 hour care. I am posting this because I am certain he would greatly appreciate a card from any Club member. For almost twenty five years Andy has fought bravely against this horrible disease, has always retained a sense of humour and has received great comfort from his contacts with old Lampeter days. Although his wife, Julie, and his daughter Sophie visit him regularly and bring him great solace, it would be wonderful if members could just send him a few words to show that the Club to which he was so proud to have belonged, still thinks of him and wishes him well. He is now in a nursing home and his address is -

SY21 7DJ

Thank you
Brendan Somers