Lampeter - the University 2004.

Bob Fonow has started a debate on the current status and future of Coleg with an open letter covering his concerns about the "failure of Lampeter".

While the comments do not necessarily reflect the views of the Club or your webmaster, this is an excellent start to the debate.

I will include (moderated) responses on the fate of Coll. on this site so please mail me any responses. Comments in plain text or Word are preferred.

These documents are in Acrobat format - see help if you have problems reading them.


Response by Ray White.

A reply to Ray White by Bob Fonow.

Rob Rosset.

Ray White, President and Chair of College Council.

A reply to the Vice Chancellor by Bob Fonow.

Brendan Somers.

Professor Robert Pearce, Vice Chancellor.

R.R. Rockingham Gill.